Commercial vehicle seats

Disabled commercial vehicle seat

Seat for mobile disabled persons complete with headrest, armrests and four point seat belts.

RDO 2700

Door opening system

door opening system

Door opening system with long-arm drive for vehicle access via rear folding doors (also available with radio remote control).

AP system

Side door opening system

automated door opening

This electro-mechanical system enablesautomated vehicle door opening, using a remote control to open the sliding side door.

Floor kit

Aluminum floor

car floor kit

New aluminium floor, tailored according to vehicle. Covered in non-slip material.


Aluminium loading bed

wheelchair loading beds

A new generation of flooring that "clicks" together to form a perfect loading bed in the vehicle. Fully compatible with all Unwin products, Innotrax is available in various lengths and thicknesses to create the best design, and can be tailored to individual requirements of the vehicles.


Safety loading bed

wheelchair safety loading bed
Soboflex loading bed

Element attached to the safety loading bed using only screws. Absence of holes on the floor of the vehicle, therefore maintaining the value of the vehicle, especially if it is a rental. Made with high-quality Nordic birch wood in 9 glued layers for better water resistance (BFU 100 standards). Rapid installation, perfectly corresponding to the measurements for each type of vehicle. Non-slip surface even in high humidity (complying with directive StVZO §35 d) High stability and resistance to friction (65 times more resistant than normal loading beds on the market). Resistant to oil, petrol and to the most common chemical compounds. Waterproof according to BFU 100/DIN 68705 standards, section 3. It protects the load compartment and is easy to clean.


Head support

disabled seat headrests

The headrest is designed to provide head support in a wheelchair. If used during transport, it can help to significantly reduce the risk of whiplash in the event of an accident. It can easily be mounted on a wheelchair with handles (maximum diameter 32 mm). Fully adjustable in height, width and angle for complete passenger comfort. The headrest is covered with washable PVC.


Removable handle

disabled transport handrails

The handrail allows additional support for passengers in transit. Equipped with a clip, it can be simply locked and moved to a different location when needed. Its bright orange colour makes it easily visible. Available in two lengths, to meet customer needs.

Remote controls

Various types

disabled radio control

Systems of 2 to 6 channels offering lift control, door opening, and other elements set up for radio control.


Safety kit

first aid kit

Safety kit for "M1" vehicles, intended for the transport of one or more wheelchairs, containing

  • 626 first-aid kit;
  • glass breaker hammer and seat belt cutter;
  • 1 kg rechargeable fire extinguisher.
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