Total Driving

Driving in a wheelchair

A solution to help disabled drivers to become completely autonomous, this modification can be carried out on several car models, with solutions for access by the side door or the back door. Also, in case you want to transfer from wheelchair to seat, you can use a "6 way seat" electrical system which allows the drivers seat to be pushed back and turned by 90°. Contact the company for more information and a detailed evaluation of your specific needs.


Rampega & Drive

Powder-coated steel frame. Ergonomic seat stuffed with urethane resin, removable and covered in Lycra. Back is covered in Lycra, tiltable and equipped with headrest and adjustable belts to vary the depth and allow efficient torso control. Padded armrests, adjustable in height, can be lowered to seat level. Adjustable footrests, can be swivelled and removed, with belt. Electronic control with joystick driving panel. Luminous display shows: battery level, any faults, UP and DOWN keys. Two 160 W engines with electromagnetic parking brake and rear manual release. Two 32 A batteries, cyclic, no maintenance required. Separate automatic battery charging. Two front wheels tyres Ø 200 x 50, two rear tyres Ø 300 x 60. Seat from 40 to 45 cm.

Disabled ergonomic seat
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