Steering management device - Joystick

The electronic DGS-01 joystick has been specially designed to allow people with severe disabilities, affecting the legs and higher up the body, to operate the steering wheel by means of an interface lever, hand wheel, mini-steering wheel and similar.


Joystick Paravan Space Drive II

Space Drive is a unique system which allows people with minimal physical strength, severe paraplegia, minimum movement capabilities or without arms and legs, to drive a car safety. With Space Drive the brakes, accelerator and steering are controlled by assistive devices controlled by a microprocessor.

Why choose it:

  • certified according to ISO standards;
  • perfect ergonomics;
  • simple and precise activation of the controls;
  • high safety and quality standards;
  • suitable for people with limited physical strength;
  • highly customisable.


Secondary/parking brake adaptation

Secondary brake adaptation

This type of adaptation is applied to the parking brake lever to allow its activation and deactivation without pressing the original button.

Community code: 20.09

Why choose it:

  • adaptation;
  • secondary brake.


Single-lever accelerator with twist accelerator

single-lever acceleration

The lever is designed so that it can be adjusted and adapted as much as possible to all passenger cars and for all needs. In fact there are three points of adjustment, two on the lever and one on the handle. In the third adjustment point there is a potentiometer which activates acceleration, activated by turning the handle downwards; to brake push the lever forward. The grip contains three buttons for the immediate activation of the horn and indicators. A button that is normally attached to the driver's door activates the parking break.

Community code: 15.03

Why choose it:

  • adaptable to all needs;
  • buttons for immediate activation of the horn and the indicators;
  • simplicity of use.


Electrically operated parking brake

electric brake

The D902EL aid automates the use of the parking brake lever. An electric actuator operable by means of a push-button controls the movement of the lever itself. The control panel is located in the proximity of the dashboard in an easy to use position for the driver.

Community code: 20.10

Why choose it:

  • electric brake;
  • parking.


Accelerator and brake for quadriplegia

The aid consists of a system that makes the control of the accelerator pedal and the service brake manual. Insert the hand into the handle at the end of the lever; a slight downward rotation causes a gradual acceleration. The service brake is operated by pushing the lever forward. It is equipped with a safety device which automatically overrides acceleration in the case of rapid application of brakes. Inside the handle there are buttons to operate the services (lights, horn, indicators etc.).

Community code: 30.04

quadriplegia brake
accelerator for quadriplegia
quadriplegic brake


Transforms the original service controls into voice commands

car voice transformer

The technology used in this aid allows for voice recognition of commands given earlier in the programming process. Recognition is immediate, voice commands are processed by the control unit and converted into electrical impulses to control the lights, indicators, wipers, horn etc., allowing you to always keep your hands free for driving. To avoid accidental activation, the system is only able to recognise the voice that carried out the programming. 

Community code: 35.05

Why choose it:

  • service controls;
  • voice recognition.


Gear selector adaptation

gear adaptor

Use of the D903/A aid makes the automatic transmission gear selector lever easier, eliminating the need to use the release button on the original lever.

Community code: 10.04

Why choose it:

  • adaptor;
  • gear selector.

IP 2003 B

Steering wheel handle

steering wheel handle

The single handle allows the 360​​° rotation of the steering wheel with one hand. It can be applied to any kind of steering wheel and adjusted according to the size of hand.

Why choose it:

  • steering wheel handle;
  • single;
  • 360° rotation.

IP 2003 E

Steering wheel handle with three points

steering wheel handle

The three-pointed steering wheel handle allows the 360​​° rotation of the steering wheel with one hand. Its special shape allows for safe adjustment by securing the hand, while the three points allow for rotation using the wrist only.

Why choose it:

  • steering wheel handle;
  • three-pointed;
  • 360° rotation.
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