Secondary brake adaptation

clutch for the disabled

The 912 aid (push clutch servo) mechanically and electronically controls all clutch functions without the need for use of the pedal. Switching off a switch restores the use of the original clutch pedal. It is recommended for use with petrol cars.

Community code: 15.03


Secondary/parking brake adaptation

brake adaptations

This kind of secondary brake adaptation is applied to the parking brake lever to allow its activation and deactivation without pressing original button.

Community code: 20.09


Electrically operated parking brake

electric brake

The electric parking brake makes the brake automatic. An electric actuator operable by means of a push-button controls the movement of the lever itself. The control panel is located in the proximity of the dashboard in an easy to use position for the driver.

Community code: 20.10

Why choose it:

  • electric brake;
  • parking mechanism.
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