The Company and its mission

disabled car

Following the history of Guidosimplex from the beginning to today means travelling back to fifty years ago, when a man named Othello Venturini took on his biggest ever challenge, beginning a new era of easy driving, a real opportunity for disabled people to drive a motor vehicle.

In 1960 the Ministry of Transport certified the validity of driving adaptations giving rise to Guidosimplex, which soon became the benchmark for millions of people eager to live an independent life.

Today Guidosimplex is present in Europe, the United States, South America, South Africa and Japan with its facilities, importers and dealers. In Italy the company has a network of 150 authorised workshops, able to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Our goal of solving driving problems, caused by any ailment that hinders or entirely prevents driving, has led to a wide range of aids designed and manufactured by us or, in some cases, in cooperation with high-level partners.

Fiat Autonomy
Volkswagen Mobility
Fiat Autonomy
Mercedes Benz
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